Returns, exchanges & repairs

We understand that sometimes something goes wrong with an online transaction and you'd prefer a refund or an exchange. Here's all the information you'll need to shop at our online jewellery store.

Because we genuinely want you to be satisfied with your Jwellix Jewellery purchases, we offer a happiness guarantee: just return your goods for any reason within the timeframe specified below and you'll receive a refund or an exchange.

As part of our pleasure guarantee, we also provide a limited free repair service.

Continue reading for more information about returns, swaps, and repairs.

Happiness guarantee returns & exchanges

Our satisfaction guarantee allows you to return a Jwellix Jewellery item for a refund or exchange for any reason, such as if it does not fit you or fulfil your expectations.

These returns or exchanges must be arranged with us and returned within 7 days of the original order's delivery (with additional time for gifts at Eid - just ask). Items must be returned to us in the same condition in which they were received. Earrings, in particular, must be removed.

Continue reading for additional information on both returns and exchanges, as well as vital shipping information.

Important: Our satisfaction guarantee may not always include rings built to order or other objects that have been altered at your request. For further information, or if you are returning for another reason, please see the section below (such as a fault or an error on our part).

Happiness guarantee returns:

If you want to return something, please let us know so we can keep an eye out for it. We will then give you with our delivery information. Your 'happiness guarantee' return should be mailed to us within 7 days of the day your item was delivered. Important shipping information is provided below.

Please keep in mind that the refund may take a few days.

Happiness guarantee exchanges:

If you want to make an exchange, please contact us first to discuss the specifics. We'll send you our delivery address and any pricing differences between your original order and the exchange. The item(s) to be exchanged should be mailed to us within 7 days after the receipt of your initial order.

We'll mail the exchanged item(s) to you as soon as we receive the returned item(s) and any additional money. If you are due a refund, we will handle it after your return is received.


Unless your return or exchange is the result of a defect, damage during delivery, or a mistake on our part, you are responsible for paying return shipping expenses.

You must also ensure that your return arrives safely and undamaged. Returns should be securely wrapped, and if you are concerned about delivery, you should keep track of any tracking numbers and pay for supplementary insurance.

Although missing deliveries are extremely unusual in Pakistan, we are unable to issue refunds or exchanges for products that do not arrive. If your package goes missing, you should contact the carrier (for example, M&P) to seek reimbursement.

Happiness guarantee repairs

Please contact us if your Jwellix Jewellery item sustains minor wear or an accident within 6 months after purchase. Depending on the nature of the problem, we may be able to repair it for you at no additional cost.

There may be an extra cost for supplies or labour in some circumstances. There may also be a shipping fee for returned repaired products.

Please keep in mind that we are unable to repair jewellery created by other firms or designers. Instead, you should seek assistance from the store where you purchased the items or from a manufacturing jeweller.

Beaded jewellery:

While we construct beaded necklaces and bracelets as securely as possible, they can break on occasion, especially if hooked on anything. If you can pick up all or most of the beads, we should be able to restring the piece for you if you return everything.

If many or all of the beads are missing, we cannot promise that we will still have the same beads accessible, but we may have alternatives that will suffice. Replacement beads may incur an extra charge.

If your Jwellix beaded necklace or bracelet has broken, please contact us to explore your alternatives.

Silk necklaces:

If you purchased a silk necklace from us, we will normally replace the silk at no cost for materials and labour as needed. Although the silk is strong and intended for use with jewellery, it may wear out with extended usage. Please contact us to make this happen.

Major damage:

More severe damage to jewellery may not be repairable, and you may need to consider replacing the item. Contact us to explain the matter, and we will gladly give you an estimate of what is required to fix your item or if it is beyond repair.


Unless your return or exchange is due to a defect, damage during delivery, or an error on our part, you are responsible for paying return shipping charges, including repair fees.

You must also ensure that your return arrives safely and undamaged. Returns should be securely wrapped, and if you are concerned about delivery, you should keep track of any tracking numbers.

Although missing deliveries are extremely unusual in Pakistan, we cannot issue refunds or replacements for things we do not receive. If your package goes missing, you should contact the carrier (for example, M&P) to seek reimbursement.

Faulty or incorrect items

Faulty items are uncommon since they are thoroughly inspected both during production and before packaging. However, an issue may occasionally get through without being detected. We also cross-check things to be packaged against your purchase information, so delivering faulty items is uncommon, although it does occur.

If you detect a flaw in your item, please contact us so that we can replace or refund your purchase. We may ask you to give us a snapshot of the problem so we can figure out what's wrong.

If we gave you a wrong item, we will send you the proper item as soon as possible. We will give a pre-paid M&P label so that you may return the wrong item at no cost to us.

Returns of defective products are normally not accepted after 7 days, by which time any flaws should have become obvious. We can be more flexible with time for Eid gifts if you contact us.

Items damaged during delivery

It is extremely unusual, but if your item looks to have been damaged during delivery, please contact us immediately to arrange for a replacement.

We'll also talk about filing a complaint with the delivery service. It is critical that you keep the package and photograph the damage so that you may file a complaint with the delivery provider.

Shipping costs:

We may request that you return the damaged item so that we may determine what went wrong and recycle the metal. If this is the case, we will send you a mailing label to pay the postage.

Late or missing deliveries

If you're worried about a late or missed order delivery, see our shipping page for additional information and what to do next. Continue reading for information on our refund and return procedures for late or missing orders.

Orders delayed in transit:

We cannot refund orders that are in transit but are taking longer than expected to arrive. According to the information on our shipping page, we will submit a support request to investigate and attempt to address the problem.

If your item arrives late (for example, as a gift), you can still return it to us for a refund under our Happiness Guarantee (see above), as long as you do so within 7 days of receiving the order.

Orders lost in the post:

If an M&P inquiry confirms that your delivery was lost in the mail (a very unusual event), we will re-send the order at our expense as soon as possible, or we will grant you a refund if you prefer.

Deliveries to unattended addresses

If you want to have your item delivered to an unattended address, the delivery agent in your region will decide if there is a safe place to leave your parcel. If not, they will arrange for you to pick it up at a nearby office.

If your item was left at an unattended delivery address, we are not liable if M&P certifies that the parcel was delivered to the right location but has now gone missing. If this occurs, we can contact M&P for more information; please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

If your parcel looks to have been taken after delivery, you should file a police complaint. We also urge that you notify your local M&P office.

To be safe, we strongly advise choosing an attended business address or a M&P office for the delivery of important items.

Delayed reporting:

If you report a missing order to us after a long period of time (7 days after estimated delivery), we may be unable to assist you since it may be too late to examine what occurred.

Keep in mind that M&P does not usually keep information more than two months, but they may still be able to dig up details in their systems.

Errors on our part

We make every effort to ensure that items and orders are delivered appropriately. However, we are all human, and mistakes do happen.

If you were sent anything in error, we missed or misinterpreted an instruction, an item was missing from your order, or something similar occurred, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

In most cases, we will send you a new order; however, if the replacement is too late (for example, if it is a gift), we can provide you a refund instead.

Shipping costs:

If you are returning an item owing to our error, we will supply you with a postal label to pay the postage charges. If we are unable to replace your wrong purchase, we will reimburse any shipping expenses you paid for the original transaction.

Completing your refund or exchange

When we receive and inspect your returned item, we will provide you a refund or arrange an exchange as quickly as possible.

Please keep in mind that there is sometimes a few-day wait between us completing a return. This is due to our payment suppliers' processing timeframes and is beyond our control.

Any postage paid for your item will not be reimbursed unless it is due to a defect, damage during delivery, or a mistake on our side. Additional mailing fees may apply if you exchange an item in certain instances.

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